Broadcast Video Camera

          7 News provides Phoenix and Los Angeles local news and weather. The program also includes original stories, reports, and late-breaking news to keep viewers informed.  

With a camera recorder, fake news scripts, and my twin size bed used as a news desk, CHI 7 News was born. I found my passion for TV news at the age of 6 and decided to see if I could create my own newscasts for fun. After several years of cringy at-home videos (that I considered were the real deal) my dad came home one day with the Adobe Visual Communicator program. Then, he took me to Hobby Lobby and bought me green fabric to make green screen. At that time, around middle school age, I began to get more serious and started to report real stories with that technology. I changed the name to 7 News and continued my newfound hobby until I left home for college.


Post college, I found myself in the job hunt with plenty of extra time on my hands. After learning several new skills, I bought a camera, teleprompter, new green screen, and revamped 7 News into what it is today. Nearly all of the roles of a normal newscast that you would find on TV are performed entirely by myself. With credit where credit is due, of course. 


The program has gained most of its popularity on IGTV with nearly 3,000 cumulative views. Although each broadcast requires an enormous amount of work, I call it my passion project. 


As I get to be a storyteller through this program, I am hopeful that you'll enjoy it!